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Improve Your Scottsdale SEO Strategies Today

9 Ways Social Media Can Help Improve your Scottsdale SEO Strategies

About 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine. On the other hand, 3.81 billion people use social media. What if they all worked for you? Here is our list of 9 ways to improve your Scottsdale SEO strategies!

In a landscape where most potential customers turn to search engines to decide their purchases, exceptional search engine optimization (SEO) is mission-critical. However, if you were to add the unparalleled value of social media’s influence in guiding your SEO, you stand to generate incredible results.

Here’s a detailed look at nine ways social media can help you sharpen your Scottsdale SEO strategies.

1. Greater Social Media Visibility Leads to More Links

Getting quality links is a critical element of your SEO strategy. Not only do you rank higher with high-quality backlinks, but your domain authority also goes up.

Whenever your audience enjoys and benefits from your content, they tend to share it, meaning more visibility. With every share, more people can come across your content, engage with it by linking to it. That creates a virtuous cycle that grows your link profile.

A secondary benefit of social media visibility impacting your linking is that it can increase your credibility. The more quality links you get to your website, the search engine algorithm classifies your website as being more relevant to users.

The more the search engine believes your site better meets user needs, the higher you can rank.

2. Social Media Search Impacts Visibility

Traditionally, search engine marketing has focused on search engines like Bing, Google, and the like. But user behavior is now tilting towards using social media channels to look for products and services that interest them.

For example, when a user wants to look up a recipe, they no longer only go Google or Bing. They will also hit Pinterest and Instagram search bars for ideas. As such, the social media platform also acts as a search engine. If you wanted to rank for a search term like “Scottsdale SEO strategies” then you could put infographics on sites like Pinterest to help improve your organic traffic opportunity!

If a prospective hire or investor wants to check out a business, they may begin their search on Google or Bing. On top of that, they will also look up the organization on LinkedIn and Twitter for more information.

Therefore, you need to adapt your strategy to the fact that users are now relying on social media to augment information from traditional search engines.

Depending on the social media platform, you’ll need to invest in tactics that optimize your content for better visibility. For example, ensure you use relevant hashtags for every post on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Furthermore, to bolster your visibility on these social platforms, invest in verifying your profile. When users run a search and come across several profiles of the same brand, they abandon further engagement, which can negatively hit your visibility.

3. Social Media Profiles Show Up on Search Results

Whenever you run a search for a particular business or brand, their social media profiles tend to surface in the results. For various brand names, social media profiles are usually among the top results.

In the face of the debate about whether social shares can or can’t impact website ranking, social media profiles provide an alternative way to lift visibility. Since these profiles can feel more personal to a user than a website, they make it easier for you to give a user a sense of your brand.

It’s therefore essential you have up-to-date content on all your social media profiles. Additionally, you should factor in social media when developing and serving engaging content. The more your followers engage with your material, the easier it will be for others to spot your social media profiles on search. 

4. You Can Better Identify Your Audience for SEO Content Using Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool in helping you uncover your target audience’s preferences. As you interact with your social media audience, you get to identify insights that point to what they believe, desire, and need.

Using these insights, you can build a general customer profile that acts as the bedrock on which your outreach will stand on. You will now have a clearer idea of the keywords to target that reflect the needs and aspirations you can fulfill for your audience.

For example, you can develop blog posts targeted at various demographics on your Facebook. The kind of feedback you get helps you have a deeper grasp of your audience’s intent. Based on this, you can alert your content development team to craft more material speaking to user intent that makes your SEO perform better.

Social listening is also a useful tool for your brand to understand your audience better. By paying attention to what your social media audience is explicitly saying about a particular industry or product, you more accurately identify the right sentiment.

That information can then go towards optimizing your content production, SEO, and even paid traffic, such as YouTube advertising, that ultimately lifts your visibility.

5. Local Engagement on Social Media Can Boost Your Authority

Social media platforms give you a more close up level of local community action that can positively impact your SEO. Through engaging with the local community, you can develop local-specific signals that search engines can pick up.

One way to effectively do this is by engaging with the local brands in the area on social media. Take the time to research brands in the local area that hold similar ideas and beliefs to yours.

It’s only by seeking out like-minded brands that you can have a higher chance of developing a rapport that doesn’t compromise what your brand stands for.

Once you develop these connections, you can then nurture mutually beneficial ways to support each other’s work that creates engagement. For example, you can share important updates each of you puts out to your audience.

Guest blogging on each other’s websites is another great way to find mutual benefit. What you put out exposes you to the other brand’s local audience and vice versa. Planning live discussions means you can bring your share of the local audience together with the other brands and build significant engagement.

Another avenue to develop local engagement you shouldn’t go without is promoting your involvement in local events through social media.

Anytime you take part in a local trade show, festival, or other locally-oriented events, you should create enticing content about it. Share this material on social media and invite the organizers, other participants, and residents to engage.

Do you have a blog? Begin crafting material centered around the local audience. You can leverage Q&A themed content with a local emphasis to target voice search queries.

The cumulative effect of all these tactics will be to make your local SEO strategy outperform.

6. Social Media Brand Awareness Can Help Lift Your Ranking

It is possible to mine the investments you make in social media brand awareness to deliver value for your SEO as well. While this is not a direct relationship, over time, it can contribute toward higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

When you work to make users more aware of your brand on social media, you nurture familiarity. That familiarity leads to brand recognition by users, especially if they encounter your brand several times.

Once social media users need what you offer, there is a notable likelihood they will hit the search engine to look for your brand. That’s where the magic happens.

Since these users are explicitly searching for your brand, the search engine takes note of this and categorizes your brand as valuable. As a result, your ranking goes up, which drives viability.

It’s therefore essential you keep engaging your social media users consistently as that drives recognition. You should create a mix of helpful content your users can count on, responding to customer concerns and queries, and taking part in community conversations.

You can also run paid advertising on social media such as pay-per-click ads to lift your brand awareness. However, remember that the core objective here is not to sell as much as to converse and engage your audience in ways that can keep your brand top of mind.

7. Social Media Can Help You Optimize SEO Content

How well your content ranks will depend on bounce rate, time on site, and time on page, among other factors. One way to improve how well these factors work to your favor is through social media testing.

Your social media community is a ready-made sounding board for the content you develop. How do you go about this, though?

Go through your social media analytics to identify the posts that generate the highest level of engagement. Break down these posts to figure out what it is that is resonating with your social media users.

Once you have these insights down pat, you can use them to set the page titles and meta descriptions of your site’s content in a similar fashion. The same way social media users are clicking on your high performing content is likely how users will click through similarly structured content wherever they see it on a SERP.

8. Social Media Can Get Your Content Indexed Faster

You can use your social media profiles to help get your material indexed quicker by search engines.

Anytime you post new or repurposed content, you need to make a point of sharing it across all your social media profiles. That will lead to clicks from various social media sources linking back to the content on your website.

The search engine will then realize there is new material attracting attention that needs to be crawled and indexed. The more sources of traffic you generate back to new or refreshed content, the more signals the search engine will pick up to crawl and index it.

9. Social Media Can Drive Traffic as You Wait for SEO to Build Up

Although SEO is effective, it is a long term strategy. That implies a waiting period for brands that are new to it.

It will take you some time to get your website to a point where the optimization begins to bear fruit. Furthermore, once optimized, you need the patience to give search engines time to rank your site higher for more relevant traffic.

Does that mean you also need to postpone your hopes of gaining traffic as well?

Brands and businesses in their early stages of building out SEO can mix it with social media to generate some traffic. In these early days, the rule of thumb is to develop content that will encourage social media users to click through to your website. As you generate more traffic, the search engine will begin to notice and reward your SEO investment.

For any new landing pages you create, social sharing is a must. That’s because your new lading pages lack authority. Even if such pages have strong domain authority, they won’t have page authority. As such, sharing them across social media will give them a boost.

Paid social media ads can become essential in the early days as they generate more traffic to your content. As you consistently invest in these ads, they will make your site pages more popular, ultimately lifting the site’s ranking.

Intertwine Social Media With Scottsdale SEO Strategies for Greater Success

It’s no secret that search traffic is now dominant in determining most customer purchases. While SEO is great at helping you win on search, you need to go a step further. Using social media to enhance your Scottsdale SEO strategies is a game-changing way to stay ahead of the curve and win in search over the long term.

Go Phoenix SEO is a full-service digital marketing and SEO firm adept at precise online targeting. Talk to us today for cost-efficient and best-in-class SEO services with your first month on us.

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