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What To Expect From a Solid Scottsdale SEO Company

5 Things to Expect From a Solid Scottsdale SEO Company

Having a great online presence is very important for any business. This is why SEO still matters. To get the best out of SEO, businesses hire expert SEO companies or agencies to help optimize and also manage their SEO needs. Need help with SEO than Go Phoenix SEO is your go-to Scottsdale SEI company in the valley!

Most people have very limited knowledge of SEO or how SEO companies operate. When looking for a good Scottsdale SEO company, you need to understand how SEO agencies operate so that you can know what to expect from them.  

Your initial meeting with an SEO agent should help you determine whether or not they are the right choice for your company.  They will listen to your expectations and let you know what you can expect from them.

Keep reading to learn a few things that you should expect from a good SEO agency.

1. Depth of SEO Knowledge

SEO requires expertise. A good agency should possess knowledge of organic search marketing, social media marketing, paid searches, optimization, and more. In short, they should have in-depth knowledge of all that it takes to give you excellent services.

It is up to you to figure out how deep the agency’s knowledge extends. Some SEO companies are strong in one area and have some basic knowledge of another. However, a good SEO company should be all-rounded and robust in all areas of digital marketing.

SEO companies should have a team of expert consultants who possess hands-on knowledge of the different aspects of SEO. Therefore, they are able to provide all the SEO services that your business needs. 

This is precisely what you should expect from your SEO services provider.

Please do not assume that a large company knows it all. Engage with a company that is able to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all things SEO. This way, you will not have to hire more than one company. 

With the little knowledge you have, do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask the consultants to explain their process so that you can understand how they work. 

You can request them to show you a sample of their work. It is necessary to ensure that the agency shares the same goals and vision as your company. The bottom line here is that you need to be sure that you can trust the company to deliver what is best for your business.

2. Website SEO Audit

If you have not yet had an SEO audit done for your website, this is the first thing that a good agency will do. It is the only way to diagnose your SEO needs for your website and social media accounts. 

Your SEO Company will ask for limited access to your Google Analytics account if you have one to analyze your dashboard and reports. Quality SEO companies have programs and tools that they can use to know how healthy your website is. 

The time it takes to do this will depend on the website’s size and how complicated it is. The agency will then call you to discuss the results, explain their observations, and give suggestions on the steps that should be taken to optimize it.

During the audit, the agency will do extensive keyword research, review your analytics and competitive analysis, and collect enough information about your current KPIs, your destination, and everything you have done on the site in the past. 

You should expect the SEO agency to assign an account rep to you. This will be your contact person and will be dedicated to ensuring that all your SEO needs are met. Talk to the consultant assigned to your account to get to know if they are able to deliver what you expect from them and more.

3. Monitoring and Reporting

The SEO agency that you are working with will be monitoring the traffic to your website consistently and provide you with the necessary recommendations based on the session duration, traffic sessions, site searches, and bounce rates. They will also monitor event tracking and the progress of the set goals.

This means that they will give you monthly reports that will provide you with more insight into the changes of social referrals and how your site compares to your competitors’, paid campaigns, and organic traffic.

The report should include all changes made to the website and other suggestions or recommendations on how to make it better. This report will provide you with everything you need to know about the SEO undertakings and answer all the questions you might have.

All professional SEO companies should be ready to give you regular reports as part of the services that they are providing you.

4. Regular Communications and Transparency

Having an open line of communication is very important when working with a Scottsdale SEO Company. A good SEO agency will not just inform you of what needs to be done after a website audit or the changes that should be made to your website.  

The right company will not only address your concerns but will give you regular reports that will provide you with an insight into what is happening. They will keep you on the loop through every step, and this transparency will build trust and allow you to be part of the process.

Your contact person or account manager will let you know if anything does not look right, what changes they have made, if the changes have made a positive or negative impact, and more. You should be able to know what the SEO company is working on and why.

Whether they explain this in the monthly, weekly, or quarterly report, you should expect them to keep you updated regularly on any changes made. Remember, plans can change at any time because of the changes in the algorithm. Keeping an eye on what they are doing will also show you how committed they are to giving you the best. 

5. Site Health Checks

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. This means it should include monthly and quarterly updates so as to ensure that the site stays healthy. These updates and tasks can consist of spell-check scans and corrections, crawl error reviews and corrections, Search Console accounts, Google Analytics review, toxic backlink reviews, broken links, and duplicate content scans.

Since SEO is ever-evolving, ensuring that your site is people and search engine friendly is essential. Your agency should be able to do this. 

Although these are essentials of a good SEO engagement, you should expect the SEO company to keep up with the latest trends and update your website as necessary so that you rank higher in SERPs. This way, they will help you grow your business both digitally and financially. 

Positive SEO results may not be seen immediately. It might take up to four to twelve months on average before you are able to see the impact of the efforts made. However, all improvements made to your site will have a significant impact on your search engine results.

Getting quarterly updates or site health checks will allow you and the SEO company to do better than average results, which will mean that the strategies implemented are sustainable. 

Try not to expect more than average results in the first, second, or third months; quick good results can mean that there is not much competition in your industry, or the agency uses a method that is meant to give speedy results that are mostly untenable. This does not mean that you should wait for a year either.

Expect Your Scottsdale SEO Company to Offer You Excellent Services

When choosing an SEO company for your business, you will know you have made the best choice if you can share your expectations with them freely. They are ready to listen and offer you exactly what you expect and maybe even provide you more than what you expect. Only work with a Scottsdale SEO company that shares with you their strategies.

At Go Phoenix SEO we are committed to ensuring that your company has the right internet presence using the best tools, knowledge, and expertise. We are an all-inclusive SEO and internet marketing agency with expertise in PPC, social media, marketing, content strategy, and more. 

We know that SEO is not a quick fix, and you can count on us for a transparent long term working relationship that will offer you effective services. Let us focus on your SEO needs so that you can focus on other important business operations.

To learn more about what we can do for your business, visit our website, and get in touch with us on (916)342-9441.

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