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Scottsdale SEO: 10 Content Syndication Tricks To Grow

A recent survey found that 94.3% of pages never got a single visitor from the giant engine search, Google, in 2017. It’s frustrating to put resources, energy, and time into developing blog content, only to fail to get the proper attention.

Fortunately, there’s a remedy. 

If you have been using Scottsdale SEO strategies without getting desirable results, it’s time for a change. Content syndication is one of the tricks that will ensure your content attracts more readers, traffic, and leads.  

Are you wondering how to use content syndication to help with your ranking? Here are 10 content syndication tricks that will get your blog content to a wider audience.

1. Syndicate Your Blog Content to Sites With a Higher Online Authority

Syndicating your content on another website is a great way to increase your content’s visibility. It would be best to syndicate on a site that has more traffic than yours. This move will get your content, gaining the attention of new audiences.

Your partner might republish your blog content without requiring you to create new content. Another option is to have a mix of original and syndicated content. You can agree to have at least four posts every month, with one or two being original content.

Content syndication platforms have different requirements, with quality work being a must-have. Your content should have stellar results for publishers to maintain the deal. If it’s not generating any engagement or traffic, it will be considered worthless. 

2. Your Choice of Partner Matters

The same way you research thoroughly to find the right SEO Scottsdale is the same approach you should be taking when choosing a partner.

Research to get the right publisher. If the SEO Scottsdale tricks you’ve been using are not bearing fruit, content syndication with the right publisher will give you significant leads. 

Your syndicated content should go beyond getting the attention of new markets. It should stir people to check your site and collection of products. You’ll only get these benefits if you choose the right partner.

Some of the things to consider when looking for a partner are; 

  • Does the website resonate with your industry?
  • Who are the main viewers?
  • How does the publisher distribute their content? 
  • What kind of content is posted?

Your syndicated content should be relevant to the audience. You’ll have a better opportunity for lead generation based on the content. Once you get a site with a higher authority, content syndication will have your website ranking in no time. 

3. What Are Your Goals?

It would be best if you were clear on what you want to achieve with content syndication. For some people, this strategy aims at increasing the customer base. Others might want to enhance the SEO for more traffic, while other marketers are only seeking product awareness.

A combination of content syndication and Scottsdale SEO strategies can give you desirable results. Yet, you need to establish your goals before kickstarting your syndication strategy. You might want to syndicate a full article, description, or guest post depending on the outcomes you’re anticipating. 

While at it, you need to understand that some sites have their guidelines. It will help to know their rules of engagement to establish if they are consistent with your goals. If not, you can always get an alternative site. 

4. Use Social Media

About 69% of American adults are active Facebook users. YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat are some of the other social media platforms that can help you reach a wider audience. 

Syndicating your content on social media is an approach you shouldn’t ignore. Your article will reach most of your connections and followers. You can encourage sharing for you to grasp a wider audience. 

In platforms such as LinkedIn, your connections will receive notifications once you post an article. On Instagram, visual content should be a priority. The images should be high-quality and consistent to appeal to your followers.

Social media syndication is a low-cost strategy that can guarantee you organic distribution. You might want to consider this approach as you look for more content syndication platforms. 

5. Create a High-Converting Landing Page

Content syndication aims at directing visitors to your site. As you get your content syndicated, work on your landing page. Your landing page should be converting traffic into leads. 

A high-converting landing page ought to have a relevant offer and a personal touch other than a minimalist design. Your landing page shouldn’t be generic. Instead, redirect visitors to a landing page with an offer like ‘Read our best tips to improve your eCommerce.’

The offer should be relevant to your audience. A visitor will need to explore your site more for such valuable information.

Working with local SEO in Phoenix ensures that your content is personalized to appeal to the right audience. A personalized landing page will also get the attention of people looking for the exact information. As such, there will be higher chances of boosting conversions. 

6. SEO-Proof Your Content

Did you know you can get outranked on Google for your syndicated content?

The situation can’t get any worse if your syndicated content is highly converting. Marketers considering content syndication to complement their Scottsdale SEO tactics fear the aspect of content duplication in syndication. 

Google doesn’t prohibit content syndication. However, it might show the version it deems appropriate to the target audience. The version chosen might not be your ideal one! 

Consequently, you might be outranked. You can avoid this situation by using the rel=canonical tag, which addresses issues related to duplicate content. Tagging a post with the rel=canonical tag is the easiest way to ensure that Google links your site’s content as the original source.

You might also want to work with companies that are willing to use the NoIndex tactic. A blog post with a NoIndex tag doesn’t appear on Google’s search results. As a result, you won’t lose organic traffic or getting outranked. 

7. Use Video

One of the common Scottsdale SEO mistakes that marketers make is focusing on text only. Given the growing popularity of videos, you can’t afford to ignore them in your quest to having your blog get attention.

People are visual, and video will get more attention than any typical post.

Social media sites such as Facebook are some of the platforms where videos are great tools for conversion. On these sites, the video can be accompanied by ads that stir the interest of users. If you want to have your brand embedded in people’s minds, make good use of videos and images.

Videos don’t have to be too rigid. Use funny clips or videos that will promote engagement. Eliciting a reaction from your target audience is the easiest way to remain memorable. 

8. Syndication Should Be Ongoing

Content syndication should never be a one-time project. Maintaining referral traffic will necessitate you to have a continuous relationship with the publisher. Ongoing content syndication is the only way the strategy will have sustainable results. 

Work on partnering with renowned publishers. Your syndication network should keep expanding. The blog content needs to be republished as frequently as possible.

You’ll have to be a competent writer for publishers to look forward to your content. If your blog isn’t as authoritative, you can start by guest posting to a website with a compelling syndication network. Every time you guest post, your article will be getting the attention of other popular publisher sites. 

9. Syndicate Your Best Content

The syndicated content can make or break your digital marketing strategy. It is crucial to have the best content for increased intentional click-throughs. The content should be engaging. 

Promotional content should only take 20% of the article. The rest of the content should focus on adding value to users. Your content will rank based on its ability to appeal to the target audience. 

It would be best to research more on your audience to know the kind of content they would appreciate. Your target market preferences should be enough guides.

10. Pitch the Editor

If you have been utilizing Scottsdale SEO methods without success, it’s time to get more proactive.

Identify the sites you’d want your content to feature and start pitching. Creating a rapport with the editor is amongst the easiest ways to have your content approved. 

In a typical renowned site, there might be one or more editors. Search on Google or LinkedIn for their full names and email addresses. Write an email request to an editor who seems to be within your industry. 

Content Syndication Is a Crucial Part of Scottsdale SEO

Content syndication aims at increasing your rank on search engine results. It is a great addition to Scottsdale SEO. With content syndication, chances of reaching a broader audience that’s likely to convert are high.

Start by getting the ideal content syndication partner. Create quality content and have it republished. Within a short time, you’ll realize a positive change in your website’s traffic.

Do you want to grow traffic on your site? We’re your ideal partner in SEO, programmatic advertising, behavioral targeting, and YouTube marketing. Click here to learn more about our current specials and SEO management services.

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