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Local SEO in Phoenix: How to Join the Snack Pack

97% of search engine users look online to find local businesses.

Local SEO in Phoenix can boost your business rankings in search engines, generate more traffic and leads, and increase your profits.

How do you take advantage of local SEO? Read on to learn more about this marketing strategy and how to use it for your business. 

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO uses search engine results for businesses in a particular geographic location. It uses keywords such as “near me” or “where to find” and offers search results in a related area.

Local SEO exists to increase your business’s visibility when customers search for it online. Whether you have an online presence like a website or just a physical storefront, local SEO can still help you. 

There are plenty of tips you can follow to boost your local SEO in Phoenix, no matter what type of storefront you have.

What Is a Snack Pack?

A snack pack is Google-specific. It directly relates to your local SEO. It appears as a boxed area on the first search engine results page with local searches through Google.

The top three business listings are displayed in this snack pack based on several things, including SEO. If you want your business to increase its visibility, you want to be in this snack pack.

Boosting Your Local SEO in Phoenix

When seeking to grow your search engine visibility, you need to consider your impact on Google searches.

You also need to find other search engines or online directories which impact your digital standout factor. Primarily, Google searches hold the most impact for your local SEO in Phoenix, and beyond, with 87% of users preferring it as a search engine.


Optimizing your business’s local SEO can be done online, even if you only have a physical store. Virtual directories and business listings determine your search engine rating, but marketing companies in Phoenix can optimize your local SEO in several ways beyond your business listing.

Google My Business

Optimizing your listing in Google My Business is one of the best ways to increase your local SEO in Phoenix. Your business listing can be verified and appear in highly visible spaces when searched online by potential customers in your area. The more noticeable your business is, the more likely you are to see leads generate revenue.

If you do not already have a page for your business, your first step for optimization is to make one. Encourage current clientele to leave reviews on your business page, with location-specific feedback. This boosts your local SEO and credibility with customers looking you up online. 

URL, Tags, and More

There are plenty of other features you can optimize to boost your local SEO in Phoenix beyond your Google business page. Things like your URL, title tags, headers, meta descriptions, and any site content can be optimized, too. 

Every new blog post your business publishes has the potential to grow your local SEO rank. New pages and posts with geographic keywords increase your visibility in search engine results pages. 

When adding any type of content to your business’s website, you should focus on keywords local to your area. These keywords should be used whenever possible. If you have difficulty sourcing quality keywords, review customer feedback, or consult professional local SEO services.

Directories and Citations

Depending on the industry or niche of your business, Google will not be the only directory that impacts your local SEO. Map data from directories like Apple, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more impact your standing on search engine results pages. You can ensure your business ranks high by providing consistent information across every platform.

Avoid mistakes like misspelled words, uncommon abbreviations, missing address information, and incorrect phone numbers. Google’s algorithms may not show your business at all if you have slightly different spellings in your address details across different listings, for example.

Make sure to eliminate any double listings of your business. Unless you have a connection to a definite external link, your business should only appear in verified directories of your choice and creation.

Link Up

Internal and external links are essential for your local SEO in Phoenix. These establish virtual connections for your business, whether it is physical, virtual, or both. For optimized local SEO, you need to capitalize on both types of links for relevance and authority.

Internal Links

links connect to other webpages on your website. These links may be accessible by end-users through blog posts. They may also be backend features that boost your local SEO.

Optimized internal links offer better navigation for your website. This establishes a better infrastructure for information access and storage. It also creates a reliable website hierarchy. Website page authority is more evenly disperse and ranks higher compared to other pages.

External Links

External links are local SEO tools that offer relevance and authority. These types of links connect your website to sites outside your domain, such as business partners or sponsored products.

They create virtual opportunities that verify your business’s listing and or website to Google. Not only does this grant your site legitimacy, but domain authority. 

You can obtain external links with sponsorship, partnership, or guest blog posts. Usually, inbound links can be sourced from your personal network. If your business has connections to:

  • A local Chamber of Commerce
  • Business improvement districts
  • Licensing bureaus
  • Trade associations
  • Resellers, vendors, or manufacturers

You already have several options to turn to for internal links. Of course, affiliate experts in your business’s industry also make for prime guest post blog material. Connectin with other professionals in the virtual neighborhood will boost your authority and stimulate your local SEO in Phoenix.

Website Design

Your website design should be optimized across all types of content. Beyond local SEO keywords, there are are few other elements of your website to adjust. Phoenix marketing companies can assist with improving aspects of your site; you may not have the expertise to tackle.

Contact Page

One often overlooked aspect of a business website is its contact page. Your business page in any virtual directory should always be supported by a contact page (if your business has a digital presence). Google uses your primary site to verify details on other online directories.

When you optimize your contact page, you boost your local SEO. You and your business name, address, phone number, and or email have to be consistent.

The text should also be HTML crawlable, so your ranking in search engine results pages stays high. Do not use image files to show contact information, or it will not impact your local SEO rank.


Another overlooked element to website design is accessibility. The majority of local search engine use occurs on mobile phones. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you have a problem. 

Fortunately, this is something that can be easily overcome by consulting local professionals. You prioritize a mobile-friendly website only if you have an online presence beyond virtual directories or business pages.

Location Pages

If you have more than one physical storefront for your business, a location page is a must. The last thing you want is local SEO searches to direct customers to more distant locations. When you create location pages, you can also anchor site-specific reviews, parking, store hours, contact information, and promotions.

If you only have one business location, list it in on your contact or about page. You can still provide internal links to reviews and such without creating duplicate pages which negatively affect local SEO. Consider including a Google Map extension on your site for a further increase in your ranking, too.

Local Content

When you optimize your business website, you need to make the most out of your content. Guest posts are crucial for authority and high local SEO, but they should not be the extent of your content. You need to consider what will benefit your customers, most adding content to your site.

You want content that brings customers into your storefront. Promote events or sponsor local gatherings for businesses in your personal network. Interactive activities that sell your brand’s identity will do wonders for customer loyalty, and in turn, organically grow your local SEO.

Where to Find Quality Local SEO Services 

Your local SEO in Phoenix needs to be managed by marketing professionals. There are plenty of local SEO tools you can explore, but you may not have the time or resources. Go Phoenix SEO has you covered.

Whether you’re wary of exploring the benefits of local SEO or simply have a tight budget, we offer your first month of marketing strategy or SEO consultation for free. We want you to rank on Google today and will go above and beyond to make that possible.

Contact us for all your Phoenix marketing needs to make your business more visible today.

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