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Top 5 Gilbert SEO marketing strategies

Gilbert, Arizona has more than 250,000 residents. Which means as a business you need to make sure you show up first within Google. Keep reading to find out 5 top strategies for Gilbert SEO!

Business competition in Gilbert, Arizona, is very high. Both small and large businesses are struggling to win the residents’ attention, something that’s not easy. While the big firms own the largest market share in the city, small firms must double their efforts to become visible in the highly competitive place.

That’s why small firms must adopt the right Gilbert SEO marketing strategies. These strategies can help them maximize their return on investment regardless of their budget. Proper SEO strategies can also help the firms enhance their awareness and gain a competitive advantage.

So, do not be discouraged if you are planning to start a small business in Gilbert. You can rise and get a large market share in the city if you apply the right tactics. Here are the top 5 marketing strategies you can try.

1. Local SEO Marketing

97 percent of the total online searches are made by people looking for local businesses.

Local SEO improves the visibility of a business. If your business is located in Gilbert, a great local SEO strategy will connect you to the Gilbert residents with ease. 

You will only need to enlist the products or services you offer and state your location. You can also leave your business contacts on the site for easier communication with your clients.

But how do you implement your local SEO marketing strategy? Here are effective tips you can try to make your website more visible to your Gilbert clients.

Customize For “Google My Business.”

Create a “Google my business.” account. When you open the account, Google will verify the authenticity of your business. If your business is legit, then your website will rank on the local pages of your area.

Create Local Content

Customize your content to meet the needs of people in your area. Since you stay in Gilbert, you should reference your blogs to well-known places in Gilbert.

Create a Responsive Web Site

A responsive website is a mobile-friendly site. By making your website mobile-friendly, you attract the Gilbert clients who use their mobile devices to search online. A responsive website is also easy to use, and this means that you will gain a competitive advantage and increase your traffic.

Add Your Name and Location

Include your personal or business details. Your customers in Gilbert need that information to contact you when you are offline. Confirm the contact details before you post to avoid posting the wrong address.

When you customize your local SEO well, you will attract more potential clients in Arizona. Your website will always rank on the first page for the local map results; hence your traffic will increase. Most importantly, you will reach more Gilbert customers on other platforms such as Yelp, and yellow pages.

Do not hesitate to hire a reputable Gilbert SEO company to customize your website for local SEO.

2. Link Building

Link building is a significant aspect of Gilbert SEO marketing. It is the process of adding more links to your content. These links should come from reputable sites only.

A well thought link building strategy can expose your business to many people in your city. When online users search for any content mentioned in your authority links, your website will always appear on the first page, and this means that many online users will find you.

If other businesses link your website, you will also get increased traffic, and connect to more Gilbert customers. However, you should apply powerful strategies to enjoy link-building benefits. 

Here are great strategies that you can use, and boost your Gilbert SEO marketing.

Use High-Quality Links

Don’t source your content links from any website you come across. As a young entrepreneur in Gilbert, you should use the authority links from the already established international websites. The top-notch sites you may consider include Forbes, Huffington post, copy blogger, etc.

Check Your Competitor Backlinks

Find out the backlinks which your competitors in Gilbert Arizona are using. If they are getting their backlinks from news magazines, get your links from the authoritative news blogs in Gilbert.

However, it can be tricky to spy on your competitors, and that’s why you should be a step ahead. Use the modern tools which allow you to spy the keywords your competitors are using.

Embrace Guest Blogging

Find a reputable website and write your guest blogs there. Just ensure that you write competitive and high-quality blogs that will be irresistible to read. Also, remember to link your website to direct the interested customers to your site.

Lastly, remember to track the performance of your link building strategy.

3. Social Media Marketing

The global landscape is evolving rapidly, and now, nearly half of the world’s population has social media accounts. Therefore, you can use the available social media accounts to advertise your business and increase its reputation.

A solid social media strategy will help you attract more clients in Gilbert, and you will gain more exposure in the other parts of the world. Follow these tips to leverage your social media platforms for small business marketing in Gilbert, AZ.

Use the Right Social Media Channels

There are more than ten valid social media platforms. The leading platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Find out the most convenient social media platform for you and create a professional business account.

Identify Your Target Market

Who is your target market in Arizona? If you sell ladies’ shoes, then your target market is women. Find out the social media platforms they use most and create useful content geared to them.

Be Active on Social Media

Content is supreme to your social media account, but you shouldn’t dump it there and leave. You should do a follow up to see the conversion rate of your posts. Reply to the comments, address criticism, start conversations, and appreciate your readers.

Monitor the Progress

There are many performance metrics for measuring the performance of your social media marketing. If the bounce rate is high, change your social media marketing strategy. You can also drop that social media account and concentrate on the one promising a higher conversion rate.

Join Forums

Join online communities on your social media sites. For instance, you will come across many online communities for Gilbert people if you are using Facebook. Join those groups and advertise your business. However, you should avoid being too promotional.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and relatives to share your social media profile link. They can increase your social media followers through word of mouth to help grow your business.

4. Organic Keywords

Keywords are important for SEO. If you add them well on your content, your page will always rank on the top page, whenever a Gilbert customer searches the services you offer. Here are effective tips on how you can market your business by using the keywords:

Choose the Right Keywords

The right keywords should represent your business. If you can’t figure out the right keywords to use, use the available keyword finders to get great keyword suggestions.

Change the Keywords Often

Find the right keywords for your business in Gilbert, AZ, and optimize them. Also, keep an eye on the current keyword trends to know the right changes you should make on your organic keywords. Don’t stuff your keywords in a particular point of your website. They should flow naturally throughout the content.

Note that keywords are never easy to add, and that’s why you might need to involve an expert.

5. Influencer Marketing

Do you know of popular people in Gilbert? Whether they are musicians, politicians, or bloggers, those people could contribute to your Gilbert-based business’s success.

Since they already have a large follower base, they will advertise your business in a better way. Also, the posts they make will reach many people, which means that your business will be more visible. Besides the brand awareness, you may be lucky to secure other partnerships deals that would help your business grow.

But how do you leverage influencer marketing?

Select the Right Influencer

Don’t approach any person because they are popular. They might be famous, but their reputation is poor. An influencer with a great business image will make your business look more legit.

Don’t Dictate, Collaborate

Do not stop marketing your brand because you have an influencer. You can work with the influencer by holding campaigns in public areas, or by sharing their links. You can also share their comments, and work together on various business projects.

Lastly, use multiple influencers. Don’t stick to the same old celebrity. If you can afford, try many influencers to increase your brand awareness. However, you can start with a single influencer and then find more if the first one generates impressive results.

Hire an Experienced Gilbert SEO Marketing Expert

SEO marketing is not easy and requires the help of an expert. Remember that the digital world is changing fast, meaning that you should also change your marketing techniques often. As an entrepreneur, you may not have the time to keep an eye on the latest trends, and that’s why you need a Gilbert SEO marketing expert.

The professional will understand your business and implement the right strategies to give you a competitive advantage against other Gilbert firms.

Go Phoenix SEO is a leading digital marketing firm in Gilbert. We help businesses leverage their SEO marketing through YouTube marketing, pay per click marketing, display ads, etc. If you would like to outshine your competitors and win more clients in Arizona, reach out to us and we’ll help you rank on Google today.

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