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7 Tips For Your Scottsdale SEO Local Marketing Plan

Scottsdale SEO Local Digital Marketing Plan

With a 200% increase in Google searches with the phrase “near me,” it’s now more important than ever to explore local business growth through digital marketing. It’s extremely important how you handle your Google rankings! We call that “Scottsdale SEO”!

Scottsdale SEO is no exception to this type of digital marketing strategy, either.

Even if you already have online marketing tactics in place, it’s high time you boost your strategy.

Read this guide for critical tips to help expand your local digital marketing solutions.

1. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

When it comes to boosting your local business growth through digital marketing, your brand will suffer if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site. You need to connect with customers through their phones, primarily since half of the world’s generated web traffic occurs on mobile devices. There are other benefits to investing in a mobile-friendly strategy, including unique advertising opportunities using Scottsdale SEO.

Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Site

If you are integrating Scottsdale SEO on a site optimized for mobile use, there are several benefits you’ll notice.

  1. Improved user experience encourages customers to use your apps or site over competitors with clunkier interfaces.
  2. Visitors are more likely to spend more time on your website if it’s easily navigable with accessible content.
  3. A responsive site will boost your SEO ranking, which is kind of the whole point of leveraging local digital marketing.
  4. You will stand out from your competition unless they have already optimized their brand for mobile. The best way to find out is to research your competition.

Mobile optimization is just the first step of many you will have to take for a more specialized marketing approach.

Advertising In-App

If you want to take advantage of geolocation and digital marketing, consider targeting customers with location-based apps. If your business has an app, you can directly connect with customers through push notifications and offer exclusive deals. If your strategy does not include an app, consider using other location-based apps to direct offers at hyperlocal customers.

2. Focus on Optimization

There are other aspects of your brand that need optimization, beyond optimizing your website for mobile use. You need to consider other websites’ effect on your brand. You also need to ensure your local digital marketing strategy is optimized across various platforms.

Claim Your Brand

When optimizing your Scottsdale SEO, you need to provide as much information as possible for sites like Yelp and Google. Claiming your site prevents spammers or competition from undermining you. It also helps boost your search engine ranking and gives you control over brand recognition.

Search Engine Advertising

Beyond claiming listings in any local online directories, you need to select keywords carefully. You can not profit off of “near me” searches if you do not include these in your keyword bank. The right keyword will land you at the top of a customer’s search for your product or service.

Using optimized keywords in local targeting takes advantage of Google’s search engine advertising. The better your keywords, the more likely you are to be seen.

3. Explore Social Media

An optimized SEO strategy for local businesses through digital marketing should be using social media. If your brand is not on social media, you need to resolve this as soon as possible. Not only are you missing out on valuable data insights, but you’re also tanking your ranking with Scottsdale SEO.

Social media marketing is not everyone’s strong suit, but it is essential to take advantage of your market’s behavior. One way to engage your audience on social media is through interactive content. Multimedia posts like photos and videos can also be helpful to your social media strategy. 

You can take a few steps to explore social media for your local digital marketing strategy.

  1. Research the competition and analyze social media networks to determine your target audience demographic. This will help you optimize the best platform(s) to market on.
  2. Offer contests, giveaways, and exclusive deals to incentivize visitors and followers on your brand’s social media account(s).
  3. Your social media posts should educate or entertain your audience about your brand’s products or services. It’s a useful avenue to display your brand’s personality.
  4. You can also cross-market at in-store locations by posting signage, encouraging customers to follow you on social media. This will help your Scottsdale SEO.

These action items are just one more way to boost your search engine ranking for local marketing. Social media advertising is only one way to interact with your audience.

4. Consider Your Audience Within The Scottsdale SEO Community

When attempting to boost your Scottsdale SEO, you need to rely on your customers. Your local digital marketing strategy depends on their opinion, recognition, and loyalty to your brand. It’s important to consider all customer feedback on every platform, no matter how positive or negative.

Customer Feedback

You can buy good brand reviews, but these are often obvious to your customers. Depending on your brand’s good or service, the reviewer also should note if their criticism is sponsored or not. You can still incentivize customers to leave you feedback.

For example, offering loyalty points for a review can entice feedback. This does not come off as buying good press and still gives your customers a chance, to be honest. Authenticity is the name of the game for brand loyalty today.

Make sure to review more than your website’s feedback page for reviews. Be sure to review feedback on platforms catering to local businesses—for example, your brand’s Facebook page, Yelp, NextDoor, and more.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Even with encouraging online reviews to boost your local digital marketing strategy, you can still receive feedback slowly. If you want good reviews to showcase how helpful or useful your brand is, this can be frustrating. Have patience; the more your boost your Scottsdale SEO, the more good reviews you’ll see.

If you have a disparate amount of negative reviews, do not ignore them! Instead, think of it as constructive criticism. You may need to apologize for overlooking whatever caused the negative feedback. 

An apology may not be necessary at all. Instead, see a bad review as a call to action. Capitalize on the feedback by making a tutorial video or hosting a Q&A session on social media to publically address customer complaints or concerns.

5. Promote In-Person or In-Store To Boost Your Local Scottsdale SEO

In addition to posting signage, stickers, or other mediums directing customers to your online storefront, word of mouth us a great tactic to boost your Scottsdale SEO. Let your customers know that the best way for them to stay informed about changes, updates, deals, and more is through your online presence.

You can also you a physical storefront as an opportunity to invite feedback on the appropriate virtual platform. This helps boost your local digital marketing and engages customers who may have yet to visit your business in person.

6. Review Your Site Design

Your website should be professional, clean, and attractive. When customers go online to view their goods or services, you want them to spend time reviewing your content. It is very easy to overlook the necessary details and steps if your website was designed too quickly or by an amateur. 

Consider these steps to check your site’s design and ensure you know the best ways to improve it for your local digital marketing strategy.

  1. Have a plan for where and how you want your customers to interact with your site. A well-built website can generate leads using a sales funnel. You can also find ways to retarget customers to your brand, too.
  2. Cut away the excess. Your website needs to be on-brand. The best way to do this is to avoid market-heavy language and irrelevant visual content.
  3. Make sure to promote your social media pages! You can use this multichannel marketing to generate traffic across platforms, growing your Scottsdale SEO ranking.
  4. Call your customers to action. Social media buttons are a great first step, but call-to-action buttons are better. These can offer solutions to common issues your customers face (i.e., FAQs).
  5. Your landing pages should be easily navigable by your customers. Depending on what your customers need, you should have marked sections for these needs. You may need to highlight services offered, testimonials, an about page, and more.
  6. Keep testing your site. You want a website designed so well you never hear a complaint about it. Make sure your webmaster regularly checks for broken and dead links.
  7. Last but not least, your information needs to stand out. Customers should easily be able to find your business, contact you, and know whey you’re open. Make sure your location, hours, and contact info are marked!

These action items are just a brief overview of ways you can optimize your web design to boost your SEO ranking for your local digital marketing solutions. Even after these are updated, you have to review your site to make sure it is accessible repeatedly. One way to do this is by checking your metrics.

 7. Check Your Metrics 

How do you check your progress for your SEO ranking? Do you know which marketing campaigns are outdated and which are the most impactful for search ranking and brand recognition? If not, have no fear! 

There are several types of metrics used to measure your Scottsdale SEO. Some can be interpreted by yourself, while other insights need to be analyzed by marketing professionals. Below are just a few examples of local digital marketing metrics.

Page Loading

The longer it takes for your landing pages to load, the lower your SEO ranking. This metric is essential for avoiding visitors being bounced to competitors’ sites.

Google Analytics offers real-time reporting on average page loading speed. Use this to boost your local Scottsdale SEO ranking.


Auditing backlinks is an important metric to track for your local digital marketing. If your site links to several authoritative domains, the more backlinks you have, the higher your SEO ranking. That being said, more backlinks does not always mean a higher ranking.

Backlink toxicity can drop your ranking quickly, even generation negative SEO. If unrelated or unauthoritative businesses are not linking to your website, Google will lower your rating. Counteract this by backlinking to local companies and requesting they do the same.

Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is bad for your local digital marketing strategy. Keeping track of this metric will help you determine if your site traffic is sticking, or navigating to other pages on your site before considering competitors’ links.

Bounce rates should be tracked across different platforms to gather accurate data. Referral traffic from organic sources indicates whether users like your site’s content or not.


If you are correctly directing visitors to your site and redirecting them to other platforms for your content, it will show in your conversions. More expensive products or services can boost your conversions. In turn, this increases your SEO rank, depending on your location and industry.

Organic traffic also marks your conversions and provides helpful insight. Low conversion rates and high rates of organic traffic, users may have an issue with your site’s content. 

Where to Turn to Boost Your Scottsdale SEO

For the best Scottsdale SEO digital marketing strategy, you need experts. You want the best user experience possible for customers, both returning and prospective. You need quality content to drive local business growth through digital marketing.

A top of the line keyword strategy, researched backend technical SEO, and authoritatively crafted backlinks will boost your search engine ranking. But do you know how to implement these keys for SEO success? Probably not.

For an affordable SEO consulting and marketing experience, consider Go Phoenix SEO. We offer a free audit before you even order a consultation. Check out our website today for a cost-effective, professional SEO experience.

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